The Service Node Bonus Program is rewarding existing Oxen Service Node operators and contributors for their contribution to the network and incentivising the transition of our node network to the new Session Network.

30,000,000 Session Tokens will be awarded to participating Oxen Service Nodes upon Session Token’s Token Generation Event (TGE). This is equal to 12.5% of the Session Token total supply. To ensure dedicated community members staking long-term are sufficiently rewarded, snapshots have been captured since the 25th of September 2023. From this point onward, Oxen Service Node operators and contributors can start earning Staking Points. For stakers who register before January 31 2024, Staking Points will be backdated to the beginning of the snapshot period upon registration. Staking Points will continue to be accrued relative to the amount of OXEN staked. Program participants will receive part of the 30,000,000 Session Tokens proportional to their Staking Points.

40,000,000 additional Session Tokens have also been reserved for future node rewards. More details about these tokens will be released in the future. A further 30,000,000 Session Tokens are reserved for token swapping. If they choose, stakers are able to participate in this swap in addition to the incentive program. Swapping staked OXEN will be possible, so unstaking is not required to participate.

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Your Oxen Address

The Oxen address you're staking from

Your Ethereum Address

Where we'll send your rewards

The signature of your Ethereum address signed with your Oxen wallet.



  1. Ensure your service node is registered and up to date.
  2. Generate an Ethereum address to receive the tokens. Make sure you back up this key!
  3. Sign your Ethereum address using the same Oxen wallet you have used to stake your node(s).



You need to sign your Ethereum address using your Oxen wallet in order to register to the Session Token Swap Program. Once you are staked to an Oxen Service Node, follow these steps to sign:

>>GUI Wallet

  1. Open your Oxen GUI wallet.
  2. Click Advanced and navigate to Sign/Verify
  3. Paste your Ethereum address into the DATA input
  4. Click Sign
  5. Copy your signature and paste it above to opt in.

>>CLI Wallet

If you are using the CLI wallet, simply execute the following command

sign_value <your eth address>


Please do NOT use your exchange wallet as your Ethereum address.

The registration and validation process is automated. If you submit incorrect information, we cannot guarantee that you will receive staking points. Please ensure you have included (and double-checked) the exact information required before submitting.